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The Contributions Menu for Publishers

LaterPay makes voluntary contributions easy!

The LaterPay Contributions Menu is a low-friction, low-pressure tool to ask your users for their support. Easy to set up and fast to implement, generate real revenues now - all with just a click of a button!



Reach your audience - wherever they are

LaterPay’s Contributions Menu works right out of the box and can be shared wherever your audiences are. Embed it in your site, or send it as a link on any platform you like - the menu immediately launches when clicked!

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It’s fast - and easy

Within minutes, you can customize a contributions menu that you can use anywhere to generate real revenues - it’s that simple!

1. Open a free LaterPay merchant account - https://www.laterpay.net/signup/merchant
2. Customize your menu using our Menu Generator - https://contribute.to/admin
3. Generate the menu and share it across your community!

Get started now!

See for yourself how some of our partners are generating voluntary user revenues.

Above the fold

For some publishers, the easiest way to implement the Contributions Menu is by inserting it ahead of any content - either across the whole site, or for content not covered by subscriptions. The German publication Rhein-Kreiss News offers an example of this.


Below the fold

Other publishers choose to insert the Contributions Menu at the bottom of the page - this allows the reader to consume the content first and then decide whether they would like to provide voluntary financial support. Pueblo Pulp is a good example of this.

Pueblo Pulp


Customized branding

For WordPress users, the Contribution Menu can be fully customized to reflect the distinct look and feel of your site, fitting in smoothly with your other content and modules. The German outlet Vorsprung Online chose to tailor the messaging content, font, coloring and logo of their menu.



Customized layout

The LaterPay team is always available to work with you to tailor a solution just for you. Our API is fully customizable and can be configured to work with any platform, CMS or content type. We worked with Jewish Week, serving New York City, Westchester County, and Long Island, on a tailored contributions menu with a customized implementation on the footer of each page.

Jewish week


Contact us today and schedule a time to speak with a LaterPay representative about how contributions could work for you.

Find out how contributions could work for you!

Contact us to schedule a conversation with a LaterPay representative.

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